Leagend Battery Monitor 6

Main Functions:

1. Real-time display battery power, temperature and voltage.
2. Automatically test the starting and charging systems of the vehicle.
3. Send alarm notification if the battery is abnormal.
4. Support multi device connection, 4 devices can be monitored at the same page.
5. Record the track, cost and driving habits of each trip, can export to Excel file.
6. Record the parking position automatically and provide the CAR FINDER function through navigation.
7. Store historical data in device up to 30 days (voltage, charge percentage and temperature). 
8. Save unlimited historical data in the app.


1. Product Name: Battery Monitor
2. Bluetooth Version: 4.2
3. Bluetooth Name: BM6
4. Input Voltage: DC 6V ~ 20V
5. Voltage Accuracy (9V~16V): ±0.03V
6. Average Working Current: 1.5mA
7. Working Temperature: -40°C~90°C (-40°F~194°F)
8. Reverse Connection Protection: Built in
9. Short-circuit Protection: Built in
10. Waterproof: IP67
11. Physical Dimensions: (L)55mm x (W)41mm x (H)12.5mm

Support mobiles: 

All iOS and Android smart phone.
iOS (iPhone 4S,5, 5C, 5S and later;iPad 2,iPad Air,iPad mini,iPad mini 2 and later)
Android: at least Android 4.3 (support for Bluetooth 4.0 phones)

Vehicle Coverage

All 12V batteries, including motorcycle, car, SUVs, MPVs, light trucks, trucks, and boats.Including the Lead-Acid, AGM, GEL, EPB batteries.

Use convenience

All test data can be viewed and shared through the mobile APP, which is convenient for operation and display of test data, as well as saving and sharing.

Leagend Battery Monitor

——Protect your car battery power safety

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